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The Writer For You offers a unique combination of strong narrative and engaging visual presentation.

Integrating great copy with thoughtful design yields exceptional quality and quick turnaround. When the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, the client reaps the benefit.

Off-site and on deadline, so you can focus on what you do best.


When the handwritten word is transformed into pixels on a screen, powerful clear writing is more crucial than ever. The written word isn’t going away, but your readers may be. It’s a busy, noisy world out there! The meter is ticking.

The Writer For You creates effective and compelling materials including:

  • Handbooks, manuals, and instructional guides
  • Print or web-based brochures, community outreach, and corporate communication
  • Letters of support, endorsement, and fundraising
  • Annual or progress reports, newsletters, abstracts, and more.

We specialize in education, with the broadest definition of instruction. Is there any communication project—from preschool through adulthood—that doesn’t entail teaching and learning? We welcome challenging projects of all sizes and in any industry.

Our goal is to tell your story powerfully and effectively, with minimal impact on your time. We gather information by conducting low-impact research, compiling and reviewing exemplars, observing meetings, consulting with end-users, and holding face-to-face or telephone meetings to determine appropriate style, tone, and voice.

  • Consultation - We'll review your audience, message, intent, budget, and goals, and agree what products are most appropriate for your needs. We’ll clarify how content will be provided or gathered, and, when appropriate, we’ll sketch out a timeline for an integrated series of products with cohesion, consistency, and staying power.
  • Estimates & Pricing - After the initial consultation, The Writer For You provides a cost estimate on either an hourly or project basis, as well as a projected delivery date. Many projects require research and/or project management; these will be included in the initial estimate. Estimates include two rounds of review and editorial revisions. We require a deposit before scheduling work on your project. Contractual terms may vary by project.
  • Collaboration - When projects require specific content expertise, multiple media, or sophisticated design and technology, The Writer For You teams with content experts, translators, designers, and others to create a unified product that meets your deadline and exceeds your expectations.
  • Scheduling - Small projects (i.e., brochures, letters, flyers or press releases, web copy, and most editing jobs) can be scheduled within 2-3 weeks. Your deposit is required before work is scheduled. Larger projects (50 hours or more) may require scheduling well in advance.

Lynn Yanis is a professional writer with more than 20 years experience writing, editing, and designing outstanding communication materials. Clients have included national publishers, arts organizations, government agencies, school districts, non-profit associations, and high-profile individuals.

The Writer for You has an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, a graduate degree from Yale University, and an outstanding reputation for quality, creativity, reliability and high standards.


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